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Wang Zuoliang

Wang Zuoliang is an expert in the study of English literature and English philology, and he not only has obtained extraordinary achievements in his domain, but also made significant contributions to you translation career.

He was born on February 12, 1916 in Zhejiang Province, and entered Qinghua University after the middle school. In 1947, Wang went abroad to study English literature in Oxford University. In September in 1949, he moved back to his motherland and was employed as the professor of the Beijing Foreign Languages University till now. Now, he is the consultant of Beijing Foreign Language University and director of the Institute of Foreign Literature, the vice president of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Institute, and the vice chairman of the Shakespeare Research Society of China. His translated works cover not noly poems and prose, but also novels and plays. He brought in some English works, meanwhile exported some Chinese works. In the fundamental research of translation aspect, Mr. wang also has composed many papers, such as Studies in Literature and Translation. Therefore, he is both the theoretician and practical expert in the area of translation, and his thoughts and practice lare worth studying and discussing.