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Cao Ying

Cao Ying, whose previouse name was Sheng Junfeng, born at Zhenhai city in Zhejiang Province. He started to learn Russian and joined into New Chinese Words Seminar. From 1941, he had translated for Time magazine, Russian Literature & Arts magazine and Time Daily. 1945-1951, he was the translator and editor in Time Press. And since 1952 he worked for People's Literature Publishing House, New Literautre & Arts Publishing House, China Youth Publishing House, Children and Juvenile's Publishing House and Shanghai Literautre & Arts Publishing House. In the year of 1960, he begun to work for Ci Hai compilation Office with the title of an editor-in-chief in the subject of foreign literature. He also was named as a visitor professor at East China Normal University and Xiamen University, a committeeman of foreign literature committee of China Writer Association, the vice chairman of Shanghai Writer Association and group leader of its foreign literature group, the member of Shanghai Center of International PEN and the director of its translation committee, the chairman of Shanghai Translator Association and the vice chairman of China Translator Association, etc.

His major translation works from Russian are “Happiness” (Pavlenko), “Donbass” (Golbatov), “Head of Tractor Station and Agronomist-in-chief (Nicolayeva).