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Fu Weizhong

Fu Weizhong, born in 1967, bachelor of arts, is Assistant to the President of Jiangxi Publishing Group, and President and Editor-in-Chief of Jiangxi Education Press. In December 2010, he was appointed as Vice President of Chinese Universe Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. He obtained Senior Editor professional title, and the expert with State Council’s special allowance. He also received the following honored titles: the “Famous Cultural Persons” of national propaganda and culture system, the le[more]

Yang Ruixue

Yang Ruixue, who was born in Ningxia province of China in 1958, is the President of China Democratic and Legal Press. She is also a writer, poet and famous publisher. She was enrolled in the Chinese department of Minzu University of China in the year of 1978. After graduation, she worked in Second Northwest University for Nationalities, Journal of National Unity and NPC Ethnic Affairs Commission in succession. In 1993, she began her study at Buddhist University of Kyoto, Japan. Her representativ[more]

Shen Shiming

Shen Shiming, female, born in Shanxi province of China in 1931, was a senior editor and distinguished publisher in China. She had been engaged in news and publishing since March 1946. Shen worked as an editor and reporter of "Southern Shanxi Daily"; a reporter, editor and then deputy editor-in-chief of "Chongqing Daily"; deputy director general of Chongqing Publishing Bureau; and then editor-in-chief of Chongqing Publishing House. She was also a director of Publishers' Association of China. Her [more]

Jin Canran

Jin Canran (1913~1972), born in Yutai of Shandong Province, was former president and editor-in-chief of Zhonghua Book Company. He was admitted to History Department of Peking University in 1936. And then in April 1938 he went to Yan'an, and studied in the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University. During the Liberation War, he served as the leader of Publicity Department of Regional Party of Southern Suiyuan Region of Shanxi and Suiyuan, Liberated Area, and the chief of Party Committee of [more]

Kuang Jixian

Kuang Jixian, the Professor of Editorship in China Renmin University Press (retired). He used to be the vice chief editor of The history of Qing Dynasty and the editorial board member of The Studies on Qing Dynasty.[more]

Wang Gang

Once enrolling in postgraduate programs at Beijing Normal University and Lu Xun Literature Institute, he is now a member of Chinese Writers Association who has some international influence. Regarded as the best partner of Feng Xiaogang, he once acted as the screenwriter of The Dream Factory and A World Without Thieves. The latter won the 42nd Taiwan Golden Horse Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. His literary masterpieces include The Back of Moon and English. The latter was selected as the best [more]

Stephen Gabriel Habash

Stephen Gabriel Habash is a reviews editor of Publishers Weekly, in charge of handling fiction book reviews, assigning to reviewers, editing reviews, and writing reviews. Publishers Weekly (PW) is an American weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers and literary agents. Published continuously since 1872 and with 51 issues a year, its emphasis today is on book reviews. In 1943, Publishers Weekly created the Carey-Thomas Award for creative publishing.[more]

Yan You

Yan You is the founder of Jiazazhi and JZZP.[more]

Liu Shiying

Liu Shiying is a biographer, who wrote several books on the financial field.[more]

Zhuang Yichuan