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Fu Weizhong

Fu Weizhong, born in 1967, bachelor of arts, is Assistant to the President of Jiangxi Publishing Group, and President and Editor-in-Chief of Jiangxi Education Press. In December 2010, he was appointed as Vice President of Chinese Universe Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. He obtained Senior Editor professional title, and the expert with State Council’s special allowance. He also received the following honored titles: the “Famous Cultural Persons” of national propaganda and culture system, the leading talent of national press and publication industry, and the talent person of Jiangxi Province’s New Century Talents Project. He has served as Deputy Director, Director of Administration of Press and Publication of Jiangxi Province. He also holds the following posts: vice president of Jiangxi Provincial Society of Education, vice president of Jiangxi Periodical Association, and vice president of Jiangxi Redactological Society. He has won the CPC Central Propaganda Department’s “Five One Project” Book Award, the National Book Award, and the China's Outstanding Publication Award.