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Shen Shiming

Shen Shiming, female, born in Shanxi province of China in 1931, was a senior editor and distinguished publisher in China. She had been engaged in news and publishing since March 1946. Shen worked as an editor and reporter of "Southern Shanxi Daily"; a reporter, editor and then deputy editor-in-chief of "Chongqing Daily"; deputy director general of Chongqing Publishing Bureau; and then editor-in-chief of Chongqing Publishing House. She was also a director of Publishers' Association of China. Her major publications include: "History of the Party in Southern Bureau" series, "Research of the Chinese Marxist" series, "Foreign Research of Marxism and Socialism" series, "Exploration of Modernization" series, "Modern Social Science" series and "Critical Biography of Modern Chinese Writers". Her initiative to establish a Million Publishing Foundation for scientific academic works was acknowledged as an influential act in publishing industry.