Book List

  • CBI Children‘s Booklist

    Cao Wenxuan's The Through-Draught ranked first among the CBI children‘s booklist, followed by Little Lotus and Naughty Human Beings.

  • World Book Day: 6 books to know China

    April 23 bears great significance on the history of world literature. It is on this day in 1616 that Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, and William Shakespeare, widely recognized as the greatest English writer, both died.

  • One Belt One Road Booklist

    The One Belt One Road Initiative has grabbed the optimistic attention of the world. One belt One Road Booklist especially recommended 21 books about One Belt One Road.

  • Winners of Mao Dun Literature Prize

    Mao Dun Literature Prize is a prize for novels, established in the will of prominent Chinese writer Mao Dun and sponsored by the China Writers Association.

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