Working Charter for The Office Of China Book International

In order to implement the "China Book International" (CBI), this working charter is drafted in accordance with Method for CBI Implementation and Minute for the First Meeting of CBI Working Group.

I. Office Setup

The Office set up within China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation, is the daily executive institution under the CBI Working Group. The office is constituted by working staffs from The State Council Information Office , General Administration of Press & Publication of PRC, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation and other related departments.

II. Working Principles

The Office takes the implementation of "Going Global" strategy for Chinese publishing industry as the general requirement, fully relies on the domestic publishing institutions and foreign partners, initiatively carrying out work, providing services and planning activities and programs for international cooperation and communication, promoting the implementation of the Chinese publishing industry "Going Global"  Strategy via "copyright trade" and "product export"  platforms

III. Our Mission

      1. Coordinating with the member institutions, researching domestic & international publishing trends, exchanging information via special issues & bulletins and establishing information communication platform for the implementation of "Going Global" strategy of domestic publishing institutions.

      2. Organizing the publicity work and creating the environment for the implementation of "Going Global" strategy & introduction of China Book International.

      3. Collecting and managing sample books for China Book International, organizing peer review and editing the recommended books.

      4. Publicizing, introducing and promoting the recommended books. Establishing and maintaining the recommended books catalogue database. Opening special columns for recommended books on CBI website and establishing links with related websites.

      5. Collecting and reporting financial aid-applied programs, establishing archive for the enforcements of funded translation expense and oversea sale of funded books.

      6. Collecting the analysis and implementation reports of "Going Global" strategy from the member institutions every year, establishing CBI implementation archives for member institutions, drafting the annual research report on Chinese publishing industry "Going Global"  Strategy and submitting to working Group.

      7. Planning and organizing activities and programs for international communication, establishing long-term cooperative mechanism with foreign well-known publishing institutions, giving full play to such means as copyright trade, cooperated publishing, local publishing, product export and etc. via going global initiatively and attracting foreign partners.

      8. Planning and organizing other activities and programs.

Office of China Book International