A Sketch of Procedures of Applying

After the books of the domestic publishing units which published in china are fixed to enter into The Recommendation Bibliography for "China Book International" and the alienation of the copyrights is negotiated, each publishing unit should discuss with their foreign buyers and decide who is to apply for the subsidy.

A domestic publishing unit is required to apply to the working party by filling in an application form for the subsidy attached with a testified legal document of the oversea publisher and a copy of the agreement on the copyright-alienation. When oversea publisher make an application, they should also make out the above-mentioned form and provide the interrelated papers. They may apply through the Chinese Embassy, the Chinese Consulate or the copyright agencies in their countries. They can also apply directly to the working party. Application can be made for the works that haven’t been listed in the recommendation bibliography as well after their copy-rights are attorned. And the procedure is just the same as mentioned.

The working party will check up the applications. Once an application accords with the qualifications for the stake, the State Council Information Office will sign the Subsidy Agreement with the applicant.

After the Subsidy Agreement is signed, the State Council Information Office will appropriate 50% of the entire sum. The rest part of the stake is to be allocated to the publisher after the subsidized book is issued in due form and some sample copies are provided.

Application form for CBI

Application form for CMI