Renowned Chinese writer He Jianming discusses power of literary reportage in Chi

Source: Global Times Author:  2018-09-03 11:11 

During a media event at the Beijing International Book Fair on Wednesday, celebrated Chinese writer and vice chair of the China Writers Association He Jianming noted that literary reportage provides a unique channel to record the social changes that occurred over the past four decades of China's reform and opening up and is a great window for the world to see and get to know the real China.

A master of literary reportage, He attended the event to mark the 40th anniversary of his literature career, which overlapped with the country's efforts to open up to the outside world. His new book, a 36-volume collection of He's writings - which became a literature and social power that helped to push social reform in the country - was also showcased at the event. He stressed that truly good literary reportage does not fade over time despite the time sensitiveness of the genre.  

He is well known for his in-depth observations and comprehensive understanding of Chinese society, which generated a long-lasting social influence that has been called the "He Jianming Phenomenon" in cultural circles. For example, his work Falling Tears are Gold once brought national attention to impoverished students in the 1990s; his reportage book on China's gao kao(college entrance exams) - which has been reprinted multiple times - stirred public discussion and helped hasten educational reform in the 2000s. 

Talking about his work on the gao kao, He said he felt that no substantial changes have been made in the educational industry so far. 

"If I had the chance to write about it again, I would be more sharp and direct and point out three key problems in China's higher education: the teachers, the teaching system and the textbooks," He said, adding that country's higher education's output was questionable and that many graduates lack the skills and knowledge they need.