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The dragon is the symbol of Chinese Ethnic Peoples. The Lantern Festival is a Chinese traditional festival with dragon lanterns, flower lanterns and yuanxiao as its symbols.  The Lantern Festival is the background of the book. It tells a story about a Chinese girl who lived in foreign countries before coming back and looking for dragons in her hometown, Longmen Island. Through the eyes of the girl, the customs of Lantern Festival and the reunion of the family is shown. The grandpa made a dragon lantern. The grandma prepared yuanxiao. The father danced with the dragon lantern. The girl played a girl who ran between ships to pick lotus. The festival atmosphere is revealed thoroughly. At the end of the story, the flower lantern was put out and the “Carps jump longmen” situation was displayed to express the hope for a better life. From the eyes of the little girl, this story takes a new perspective. The love for the family and hometown as well as the inheritance of culture is delivered. 

About Author

Dong Hongyou, from Wuhan, Hubei Province, is the chairman of the Writers’ Association of Wu Han as well as a National First-Class Writer. His masterpieces include four volumes of collections by Dong Hongyou, Dreams of One Hundred Chinese Children, The Forest in one’s 14th, Songs of Boys and Girls,  The God of the Mountain as full-length novels; the Fat Uncle series as a comedic story; The Fairy Tale of Yangtze River, The Still Lakeside, The War in Self-Study at Night as collections of novels, poems, essays, documentary writings, drama scripts, etc. His works have won the Five Top Project Award, National Best Children’s Literature, National Book Award, Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award, and several others. Some of his books have been translated and sold in foreign countries, as well. 

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China Children's Press & Publication Group (CCPPG), the largest professional children's publisher in mainland China, was formed by consolidating of China Teenagers Press (established in 1951) and China Children's Publishing House (established in 1956). With 750 employees, CCPPG publishes 5 newspapers, 11 magazines and around 1,500 books every year. In 2013, the total printed copies of books, newspapers and magazines reached over 130 million. CCPPG operates Juvenile & Children Reading Experience Wonderland (the Wonderland), a website ( cn), China Children Audio-Visual and Electronic Publishing House and a range of educational services branded as "Heart-to-Heart Sister". The Wonderland, which holds regular activities to promote reading inchildren, is China's largest specialist children’s bookstore. In 2013, as shown in the analysis report developed by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People's Republic of China, CCPPG ranked the first in terms of total economic value among all children's publishers in China. In 2013, CCPPG won the third “Chinese Government Award•Best Publication Group” and was awarded as the “Digital Publishing Model”.