The Letters Home: Our Ancestors’ Memories of the Anti-Japan War


Museum of the War of People’s Resistance against Japanese Aggression


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The narrative andinteresting book records over 30 letters home of our ancestors such as ZhangZizhong, Cai Bingyan, Zuo Quan, Dai Anlan, Xie Jinyuan with stories behind theletters. The book contains letters home from The Eight Route Army and The NewFourth Army as well as from KMT Army and civilians. It helps relive Chinesepeople’s resistance against the Japanese aggregators. The letters home and thestories behind them contained in the book with rich pictures and texts fly ourthought back to the Chinese armies and civilians’ long-term resistance againstthe Japanese aggregators. The letters home not only record and portray howhigh-ranking military officers shed their blood and lay down their life toprotect our homes and defend our country, but also how general soldiers showedtheir frank patriotism through their attachment to their family members, andeven how civilians conveyed their love for their family members although theylived in destitute and homelessness.

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Museum of the War of People’sResistance against Japanese Aggression is the only large comprehensive themememorial hall in China in memory of Chinese people’s fighting against theJapanese invaders. It is located in where July 7<sup>th</sup> Incident or MarcoPolo Bridge Incident broke out, namely, within the Wanping city by the MarcoPolo Bridge in the southwestern part of Beijing. Built in 1987, it houses morethan 10,000 collections. It is on the list of National Demonstration Bases forPatriotism Education and the first batch of National Key Revolutionary SiteTourist Attraction. The Museum of Renmin University of China built in 2008,which is characterized by its historical relics, literature manuscripts,artistic works, university history, integrates the functions of collection,exhibition, research and education. Thanks to the academic disciplinaryadvantages of the university, it serves teaching and scientific research. Nowit consists of Exhibition of the History of Renmin University of China,Exhibition of Northern Chinese Relics, Exhibition of Ancient Chinese Documents,Exhibition of Stocks, and Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy. It regularly holdsvarious temporary exhibitions.

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