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Thisreport gives a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the development ofChinese outbound migration. As the emergence of the “migration dividend” becomesincreasingly evident, countries are taking attracting international talentsmore seriously. The book breaks down the outbound migration data by destinationcountries and regions, and covers Chinese immigrants in the US, Canada, Australia,UK, and Norway during 2013-2014. By analyzing these data, contributors identifydistinct features of and development trends in Chinese outbound migration, andcarries out monographic studies of major problems in the area in recent years. Particularissues of concern include Chinese immigrants’ choice of destination countries, steadyincreases to the number of Chinese immigrants and the impact outbound migrationhas had on the country’s internationalization. 

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Wang Yaohui, PhD, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, President of Center for China and Globalization.

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