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Ordinary World is a realistic novel and a novelized family history. The writer highly concentrates historical evolution in rural areas of Northwest China. The work has reached a high ideological and artistic unity. Especially the main character's spirits of arduous struggle and painstaking efforts in face of the adversity still inspire today's readers. This novel is a panoramic view to China's contemporary urban and rural social life. The book falls into three parts. The Author, setting foot on the broader context of the last decade, through the complex conflicts and disputes, characterizes many ordinary people from all walks of life. Labor and love, frustration and pursuit, pain and happiness, daily life and great social conflict are all complicated and intertwined to profoundly demonstrate ordinary people's hard and tortuous path in the historical progress of the great era.

About Author

Lu Yao (1949-1992) is a native of Qingjian (Shaanxi). In 1973, he studied in Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Yan'an University. After graduating from the university in 1976, he successively did editorial work in Literature and Art in Shaanxi Province and Yanhe Magazine. He ever took the post of Vice Chairman of Shaanxi Provincial Writers Association. He has started to publish works since 1978. His works include saga novel Ordinary World, novellas Soul-stirring ScenE, Life and so on.

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The people's Literature Publishing House, founded in March 1951, is a national publishing institution whose subsidiary is the Foreign Literature Publishing House. It has published a considerable amount of classic Chinese literary works, representative works of modern and contemporary literature and Chinese versions of outstanding overseas literary works, as well as works on literary theories and children's books etc. Books published over the years have formed an excellent series of publications covering all literary fields, ancient and contemporary, domestic and overseas alike.   In recent years, the House has an average annual output of over 600 titles of books. It has an accumulated total of over 8000 titles, with 700 million copies published since it was founded. It has established business ties with more than 40 overseas publishing houses and copyright agencies. The representative publications include The Complete Works of Lu Xun, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Mao Dun Literature Award Winner Book Series, The Red Classic Book Series, The Classical Chinese Readers Book Series, A complete Collection of Yuan Dynasty Operas, The Famous Foreign Literature Book Series, The Library of World Literary Works, The Song of Youth, Tracks in the Snowy Forest, The White-Deer Plain and Harry Potter and so on.The Foreign Literature Publishing House was founded in 1979. Its major publications are modern and contemporary foreign literary works. The repsentative works of the House include the 20th-century Foreign Literary Book Series, La Camille, Gone with the Wind and The Bridge of Madison County.   In addition, several literary newspapers and periodicals are published, such as The Contemporary, Chinese Prose, Chinese Literature Selected, Historical Materials of New Literature, and Literary Stories Weekly.